Glass Renovation

Glass renovation:

More than glass cleaning, renovation is the specialist process which removes the contaminants that no longer come off with normal glass cleaning procedures.

Glass protection:

The ability to keep contaminants from bonding to glass, allowing for simple cleaning methods to maintain the 'as-new' appearance of glass.

ClearShield can be applied in a factory, warehouse, or onsite to new glass providing protection and minimizing surface damage during construction. Alternatively, for glass already installed, the ClearShield Eco-System is capable of renovating glass and then the glass protected in the field.

The build-up of contaminants on unprotected glass causes many problems and will chemically bond, corrode and etch the surface.

  • During construction, e.g. splatter from concrete, plaster and mortar, cement dust and other construction materials
  • Contamination from the environment, e.g. concrete and silicone run-off, traffic fumes, tree sap and bird droppings
  • Interior glass contamination, e.g. greasy, dirty deposits, moisture vapor and hard water deposits

This leads to difficult maintenance, poor visibility, reduced light transmission and a degraded appearance.

Contaminants can be impossible to remove using conventional cleaning methods. The use of harsh chemicals can do more harm to the glass surface than good.

Glass Renovation

With the ClearShield Eco-System, trained specialists remove contamination from the glass surface, without the need for harsh chemicals. Renovation is the unique and ideal solution for exterior and interior glass surfaces that have been heavily contaminated and stained when all else fails.

ClearShield Protection

Immediately after renovation, ClearShield is applied to the glass, protecting the glass and changing it to an easy clean/low maintenance surface.

  • Always easier to clean
  • Stays cleaner for longer
  • Resists staining and discoloration

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